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About the Kamailio meetings in Istanbul and Cairo November 2019

Kamailio meetings in Istanbul and Cairo November 2019

I will be around middle of November in Istanbul and in Cairo a few days later.

I am thinking of organizing a Kamailio/SIP/VoIP social networking event (perhaps a dinner or a pub meeting).

Also announced on the sr-users and sr-dev mailing lists.

Possible dates

Possible dates are the 19th - 20th November in Istanbul and the 23th - 24th November in Cairo. Are people from the community interested in joining such an event?

How to participate

If you want to participate in one of the event, write me your preferred date here. Based on feedback that I get, it will be decided whether it is going to happen and when.

Event Updates

This section will be updated during the next weeks with event details.


I got contacted from Kamailio developers at TURKCELL, one major cell phone provider in Turkey. There will be a meeting probably at their offices with several of their developers.

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