This project is not maintained anymore!
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Latest update: 15.10.2002
Current Version: 0.43a

This project is not maintained anymore!


PariGUIde is a graphical user interface for Pari-GP. This is a mathematic program which was developed at the University of Bordeaux. Pari-GP is generally oriented above number theory and driven by very efficient algorithms (up to 10 times faster than e.g. Maple). In contrast to the worths stand the simple console interface, which is difficult to use (especially under Windows or other graphic desktops).

The mission of pariGUIde is to simplify the use of Pari-GP, and promote the joy in mathematical experimenting. Priority has thereby above all the usage for didactical purposes (e.g. lectures and presentations).

In particular, the possibility to save all of the users input and the calculated output as an HTML-Page, and the nice formating of some output (e.g. matrices and curves) can be described as one of the main features of this program. PariGUIde can play-back the saved output, but you can also use this plain-HTML pages in on-/ offline presentations. The program provides also a tutorial and a reference of the Pari-GP features. Some features can be already accessed by buttons or menu items.

PariGUIde uses the free-edition (non-commercial edition on MS-Win) of the Qt-toolkit (V. 2.3/ 3.0) from Trolltech. Initially it was developed (from Hartmut Ring) for Windows, but today it works also under Linux. A port to other platforms should be no problem, as the Qt-toolkit support all main software platforms. As the Qt Toolkit requires it, pariGUIde was written in C/ C++.

PariGUIde has reached version 0.43, its runs allmost stable, only few (dispensable) features have still some flaws.


Linux KDE 2.2.2


You can download pariGUIde from
precompiled Package (Windows): separate page in german


short introduction (in german)
pariGUIde handbook (work in progress)
Pari-GP reference


pariGUIde is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation:

Copyright (c) 2002 Hartmut Ring (University of Siegen):
Linux-port: Henning Westerholt
Preparation of the PARI documentation: Nils-Peter Skoruppa (University of Siegen)

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