First Kamailio service product

Kamailio Product

I am happy to announce the first of our service products related to Kamailio.

Kamailio service product

I am happy to announce the first one of our Kamailio service products: the Kamailio security assessment. This is the result of more than a year of security research in this domain. I described the research at Kamailio World 2018 and also in several earlier blog posts.


Kamailio is a flexible SIP server and offers a wide range of functionality. In addition to a powerful routing core it contains over 200 individual modules to extend its features. Kamailio is sometimes described as a SIP Software Development Kit, which needs to be tailored exactly to your needs. This is a crucial difference of Kamailio comparing to a classic PBX (e.g. Asterisk).

Security challenges

It can be challenging to secure your Kamailio infrastructure against attacks during strict project and maintenance schedules. Classical pen-tests which target your live infrastructure can be risky and can't provide a sufficient test coverage.

We offer an external security assessments to protect and harden your infrastructure against attackers. Our advanced security testing with can effectively find security relevant bugs.

Our offer

We provide the Kamailio security assessment service with a standardized and proven approach. Are you interested in additional protection for your Kamailio infrastructure? Then we are looking forward to speak with you!

You can find more informations about this service here..

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